About Us

Center for Nature Conservation and Development (CCD) is a national conservation Non-Government Organization (NGO) or it can be considered as a local Civil Society Organization (CSO) in Vietnam. CCD specifically works on nature conservation, endangered biodiversity protection to support sustainable development in Vietnam. CCD was grown from the Endangered Habitat-Species Conservation Group that have over 10 years of work in supporting biodiversity conservation and sustainable forest management in Vietnam. Improving that success, The CCD continues build its reputation as a leadership institution in the field of nature conservation and sustainable development in the country. CCD priorities its work focus on biodiversity inventory and monitoring; improve and strengthen protected area management; combat wildlife trafficking; mitigate human-wildlife conflict; and sustainable forest and natural resources management; empower local community and facilitate their involvement in biodiversity and sustainable forest management.

CCD aims to become a leading conservation and development in Vietnam that support the government and local community to protect the biodiversity richness and to gain its sustainable development goal. CCD work focuses on building capacity of different stakeholders (government, private sector and community) on biodiversity conservation, sustainable development, climate change adaptation and environmental education.