Dissemination of the law on forestry for local stakeholders and community in Quang Nam province
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Dissemination of the law on forestry for local stakeholders and community in Quang Nam province

The law on Forestry was adopted by Vietnam’s National Assembly on November 12, 2017. The new law includes articles encourage the engagement local community more effectively in the forestry sector

Từ ngày 4-7/9/2019, Ông Bùi Tiến Dũng – Chuyên gia lâm nghiệp cộng đồng của Trung tâm Bảo tồn Thiên nhiên và Phát triển (CCD) đã hỗ trợ Dự án “Bảo vệ và quản lý tổng hợp các hệ sinh thái rừng thuộc các tỉnh Quảng Nam, Kon Tum và Gia Lai” (Dự án KfW10) tổ chức các khóa tập huấn phổ biến Luật Lâm nghiệp và các chính sách liên quan đến lâm nghiệp cộng đồng ở tỉnh Quảng Nam. Tổng số có 4 buổi tập huấn phổ biến về Luật Lâm nghiệp cho gần 80 lượt người là các cán bộ kỹ thuật, cán bộ hiện trường của dự án của KfW10, đại diện các chủ rừng là cộng đồng thôn bản của các huyện Bắc Trà My, Phước Sơn và huyện Nam Giang tỉnh Quảng Nam.

From September 4-7, 2019, Mr. Bui Tien Dung a Community Forestry Expert from Center for Nature Conservation and Development (CCD) supported the project “Protection and Inclusive Management of Forest Ecosystems in Quang Nam, Kon Tum and Gia Lai provinces” (KfW10) to organize a series of 4 training to disseminate the Law on Forestry for more than 80 local stakeholder and community members in the district of Bắc Trà My, Phước Sơn và Nam Giang, Quảng Nam province.

The training focuses on the dissemination of the Law, especially the articles that relate to community and community forestry. After the training, local community will be informed about their role and responsibility and their interest (as the forest owner) in the forest land that they were allocated. For the community forester and project support staffs, they then would know how to support and advise local community more effectively to manage their forest and forest land.

The training was highly appreciated with active participation from local community, with lots of discussion and questions raised during the courses on how local community should be involved more effectively include their role and benefit from participation. Shared by Mr. A Dieu the deputy of community forest board of Lao Du village “the course was very useful for me and other members. Now we should know what benefit and responsible community should have with our community forest. We also know better how to handle if our forestry forest would be violated by others. We also recommend that more training like this should be organized to help our community know better about the new policy and regulations then we will manage the forest more effectively”.

The Center for Nature Conservation and Development (CCD) is supporting and empowering local community to engage them more effectively in managing natural forest and protecting wildlife and endangered species.

Photo 1. Training in Phuoc Son district, Quang Nam

Photo 2. Training at Quang Nam province

Photo 3. Group discussion among the community member during the course

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