Vietnam is a poor country with people mostly living in rural and mountainous areas, lacking job opportunities and income. In addition, the complex development and unpredictability of climate change has laid a heavier burden upon people’s lives, making Vietnam the sixth most impacted by climate change in the world. The effects of climate change is on 70% percent of Vietnamese, especially poor communities who have the least ability to recover afterward. Furthermore, the rapid development of urbanization is making economic inequality more severe and reducing the chances of poor communities approaching social services.

Center for Nature Conservation and Development (CCD) forms community development projects and plans in order to increase job opportunities, income and chances to approach education and outreach, thus improving livelihoods and well-being of people in remote rural and mountainous areas. CCD supports targeted communities by building capacity, facilitating livelihood development and improving adaptation to climate change, ultimately creating jobs, advancing gender equality, women empowerment and children’s rights


The Center for Nature Conservation and Development

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