Center for Nature Conservation and Development (CCD) has a team of experts and collaborators with more than 20 years of field experience in natural resources, marine life and mangrove research across the country. CCD is cooperating and supporting partners to implement biodiversity survey programs, assess marine life resources and monitor marine ecosystems,  species throughout Vietnam. CCD is carrying out activities of studying and monitoring biological resources, focusing on key areas such as:

• Biodiversity studying and monitoring of marine resources and biodiversity

• Study, monitor and evaluate the resilience of mangrove ecosystems

• Environmental impact and ecological risk assessment due to resource exploitation activities (fishing, aquaculture), marine construction (construction of wind power projects, gas power, dredging creeks, submersion of matter, waste, pollution…) to marine biodiversity and biological resources.

• Studying and monitoring of typical marine ecosystems, marine aquatic species in marine protected areas, waters with high biodiversity value, spawning grounds, aquatic breeding grounds, areas for protecting seafood seed sources

• Implement marine and coastal planning activities

• Training and improving capacity for study and management of marine resources and aquatic resources and marine biodiversity

CCD is actively coordinating with a number of key scientific partners such as the Institute of Fisheries Research (RIMF), the Institute of Oceanography (IO), the Institute of Marine Resources and Environment (IMER) and many other international partners.

The Center for Nature Conservation and Development

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