Connecting people to nature is an important element of CCD’s goal. Acquiring the knowledge, skills, and motives to conserve value of nature and wildlife and work together to take strategic actions for the benefit of current and future generations. We aim to foster broad participation of the public in conservation and will be critical to maintain a healthy and wellbeing planet.

Our Education and Outreach program therefore aims to help the public understand the value of our nature, culture in both urban and rural areas, with a focus on preserving our wilderness, wildlife, and unique culture in the mountainous and rural area. Our program also aims to build connections between communities and nature conservation and environment protection efforts to gain the sustainable development goals.

Our strategy to engage the public in conservation of the nature and toward a sustainable development include:

  • Outreach – tell people about the goals, responsibilities, voluntary approach, and opportunities.
  • Conservation Education – provides opportunities for people to learn about their natural environment.
  • Eco/Community & Wildlife-based Tourism – facilitate, maintain and expand responsible tourism and Community/wildlife-based–based to increase support for nature and wildlife conservation, and to support local economies.
  • Foster responsibility – help the public learn more about the value of nature and facilitate more public involvement in conservation.

CCD is implementing and sustaining the following activities:

  • Conservation Education events at rural and cities
  • Experience program to enable depth understanding of rural/mountainous culture and nature
  • Strengthen education and outreach capacity through training for relevant stakeholders
  • Host education event/program for school and groups

The Center for Nature Conservation and Development

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