In the context of increasingly serious impacts of climate change, the role of forests and natural resources is receiving more and more attention. Sustainable governance of forests and natural resources not only helps for maintaining and protecting the environment, ensuring ecosystem functions but also brings stable socio-economic values, especially livelihoods for local communities. CCD has been working as an active organization in the restoration, conservation, and development of natural landscape areas in Vietnam.

In the coming time, CCD will provide technical supports to localities, partners, and management boards of protected areas (National Parks, Conservation Areas, Biosphere Reserves, Protection Forest Management Boards) in Vietnam in the process of developing action plans for sustainable use and management of forests and natural resources. Besides, CCD aims to build pilot models of community-based forest and natural resource management, to create household groups/cooperatives to raise awareness and capacity-building for people, promoting collective actions, moving towards advanced management regimes following national and international standards, bringing stable and sustainable sources of livelihood for local communities.

Some of CCD’s key technical support activities include:

  • Support to develop Sustainable Forest Management Plans towards Forest Certification (FSC FM, FSC CoC, FSC Controlled Wood, SBP)
  • Support the formation of community-based forest management/natural resource management models
  • Evaluate the effectiveness and propose action plans for protected areas
  • Assessment of social and environmental impacts of development projects
  • Participate in the policy advocacy process related to forest and natural resource governance.

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