Center for Nature Conservation and Development is implementing the following focus programs:

1 Protected Areas Governance: Focus on improving governance and capacity building for protected area’s staff and stakeholder involved.
2 Primate Conservation Program: Focus on threatened primate include Crested gibbon (Nomascus), leaf monkeys (Colobinae) and Loris (Nycticebus).
3 Endangered Wildlife Program: Focus on species that threatened by poaching, overharvesting and trafficking from and trafficking through Vietnam.
4 Human and Wildlife Conflict Mitigation Program: Focus on mitigating human-elephant conflict in Asian elephant conservation landscapes.
5 Endangered Plants and Trees program: Focus on improving protection and management for endangered plants and tree species that threatened by overharvesting include rosewood (Dalbergia), orchids and medicinal plants.
6 Forest Program: Focus on sustainable forest management and forest certification
7 Ecosystem Services Program: Focus on improving payment for ecosystem services and ecotourism.
8 Conservation Education Program: Focus on environment, nature conservation and wildlife education for public, behavior change for wildlife product consumption.
9 Sustainable livelihood Program: Focus on improving livelihood and income for mountainous communities that life depend on forest resources, especially ethnic groups and women.