CCD develops “Proposal on development of ecotourism in Lang Chanh Protection Forest for the period of 2020-2030 and vision to 2040”

Ecotourism is a way to help management boards of national parks, protected areas and protection forests to improve their operational efficiency thanks to additional revenue sources for forest protection, management and biodiversity. Moreover, ecotourism also helps raise the society’s awareness of natural values, thereby helping them to understand, appreciate and act more responsibly to protect and preserve those values. The success of some models of ecotourism, community tourism in some national parks and nature reserves in Vietnam such as Cat Tien, Phong Nha – Ke Bang, Ba Vi, Van Long, Tra Su are good lessons learned for forest owners plan to exploit the natural landscape values and ecological values of their units more effectively through tourism development.

The Center for Conservation of Nature and Development (CCD) sees ecotourism as a strategic direction to be promoted for special-use and protection forests in Vietnam. Therefore, in 2020, in addition to direct consultation for the development of the “Proposal on development of ecotourism in special-use forests in Xuan Lien Nature Reserve”, CCD has coordinated with Lang Chanh Protection Forest Management Board to develop an ecotourism proposal focusing on experiencing the values of nature and indigenous culture. The goal of the proposal is to sustainably exploit the landscape, ecological and indigenous cultural values more effectively, while raising public awareness and creating jobs, helping to improve the livelihood of the community, reducing their dependence on forest resources. The proposal focuses on promoting the active participation of the community in tourism activities in order to associate the rights and responsibilities of the community with regard to nature conservation and forest protection.

In the near future, CCD will promote ecotourism and cultural experience tourism activities in order to help the tourists feel the values of nature and culture, thereby being more responsible in preserving and protecting the values of that nature and indigenous culture.

Photo 1. Consultation with the community on tourism activities
Photo 2. Thai village of Lang Chanh
Photo 3. Experience some indigenous cultural activities
Photo 4. A peaceful stream in Lang Chanh
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