Workshop on rosewood management and Non-detriment finding (NDF) report for Dalbergia cochinchinensis and D. oliveri in Vietnam

The Siamese rosewood (Dalbergia cochinchinensis) and Vietnamese rosewood (D. oliveri) are among the most threatened trees in Vietnam. Illegal logging and trade in timber of these two species to supply the high-end furniture market are ongoing even though they are protected by law. Therefore, its’ urgent to improve management for the remaining population and strengthening in-situ conservation as well as having and intense recovery plan for the rosewood with the aid from scientific research.

Pertaining from the urgent needs, from 2019-2021, the Center for Nature Conservation and Development (CCD) implemented a series of research to document management practices and identify distribution, population of the Dalbergia cochinchinensis and D. oliveri in Vietnam. The research particularly focused on four specific sites that were considered as the most important areas for the species namely: Dak Uy rosewood reserve (Kon Tum), Bu Gia Map (Binh Phuoc), Cat Tien (Dong Nai) and Yok Don (Dak Lak) National Parks.

On 11 March 2021, CCD held a consultation workshop to share findings of the research and consult with stakeholders on a Non-detriment findings report for the two rosewood species and draft rosewood conservation plan for Vietnam. Participants include conservation experts from NGOs, Government agencies, research Institutes and universities

Workshop’s participants highlighted the important of the information shared and urge for more discussion on rosewood management and conservation issue as this workshop was the only meeting on rosewood in Vietnam.  Participant also commented on research method, and how finding should be presented to highlight the urgency of logging and illegal trade. It also recommended that findings should be published in conservation journal for broader audience; information should also be prepared as a policy brief then send to Government Agencies to raise concern about the important of rosewoods conservation and urge for government program on rosewood conservation and replanting.

CCD will continue its endangered plant conservation program and focus its effort on supporting conservation of Dalbergia species as well as other threatened taxa through strengthening capacity for stakeholders, enhancing in-situ conservation and facilitate an effective recovery program in their natural habitat.

Photo 1: Group photo. Photo by: Trang Le/CCD
Photo 2: Mr. Nguyen Manh Ha – CCD’s Director was introducing workshop and participants. Photo by: Trang Le/CCD
Photo 3: Representative of research team was presenting survey findings. Photo by: Trang Le/CCD

Photo 4: Participants were discussing during break time. Photo by: Trang Le/CCD
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