Vietnam has almost 200 protected areas which have been established for more than 60 years, and currently managing under 3 systems include:

  • Terrestrial protected area or Special-use Forest;
  • Wetland protected areas;
  • Marine protected areas.

There are other protected area categories that are recognized by UNESCO such as the Biosphere Reserves, Geoparks and Heritage Sites and The ASEAN Heritage sites. With such a long history of establishment and operation however, Protected Area governance in Vietnam is still in the progress of sharpening which requires strong efforts not only from the Government of Vietnam and Conservation organization toward standardizing national legal framework and facilitating and maintaining good practices. CCD with its capacity and experienced experts is prioritizing Protected Area Governance as a strategic program.

CCD currently work with Government of Vietnam and protected areas to:

  • Facilitate and advocate for policy, legal frameworks on protected area governance Improving governance and planning
  • Facilitate and share good practices
  • Improving the engagement and participation of local community and stakeholders
  • Benefit sharing and community-based tourism

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