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Deforestation and forest degradation are the main threats to biodiversity,  many species are at the brink of extinction because of deforestation and overharvesting and illegal trade. Because of increasing demand for timber and illegal timber trade, many tree species are seriously declining and facing extinction. Among the most endangered tree species, three rosewood species including the Dalbergia oliveri,  D. cochinchinensis and D. tonkinensis are heavily exploited and traded illegally.  

From 2019 – 2021, Center for Nature Conservation and Development (CCD), with the support of Tree Species Programme of CITES Secretariat, conducted a comprehensive study to evaluate management and identify key natural population of the Dalbergia oliveri and the D. cochinchinensis in Vietnam. Under the program, CCD worked with multiple levels of stakeholder to analyze management status, include harvesting and trade on two species throughout the country. Based on the result, a Non-detriment finding report was prepared and a rosewood conservation plan was drafted. In addition, CCD also assisted protected areas that were identified as rosewood conservation strongholds to develop, strengthen their plant conservation capacity and prepare a comprehensive monitoring, conservation and recovery plan for the two species. Moreover, in support of better enforcement of national and international regulation on trade control of the rosewood species, an identification manual for Dalbergia oliveri and D. cochinchinensis was prepared to assist enforcement bodies. The manual will help forest rangers and law enforcement bodies to effectively manage the harvest and trade on rosewood species.

To facilitate better conservation and protection efforts for the species, especially forest ranger and forestry authority at the ground levels, CCD convened training on “Planning for inventory, monitoring, recovery and conservation of endangered tree species in Vietnam”. The courses equipped participants with updated information on current distribution, actual population remains for the rosewood and the issue of exploitation and trade on the Dalbergia species. At the training, botanist/plant conservation and forestry experts shared approaches and recommended methods on inventory, monitoring the population of endangered trees particularly for rosewood species. Participants also discussed new approaches in protecting, and facilitating the recovery of rosewood populations in their natural habitat including the need to active intervention such as propagation, re-planting in known habitat and facilitating natural regeneration for a target area.

Through its efforts and vision on nature conservation, CCD has been supporting different protected areas, forest owners to prepare conservation plans and improve capacity for their staffs in research, monitoring and recovery of endangered species of threatened fauna and flora. CCD is seeking the opportunity to cooperate with other organizations, businesses and experts to promote and advance more effective efforts on environment protection, biodiversity conservation and sustainable development and inclusive growth in Vietnam.

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